Cashcode Bill Acceptor: A reliable product

Published: 18th March 2011
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Probably, this effort to introduce you with a contemporary and reliable product (Cashcode bill validator) might appear and sound like a marketing gimmick, but we’ll still go ahead with this and present a superlative bill validator machine in front of you, which is comprehensive in nature and embrace all the modernized characteristics that an all-inclusive bill acceptor device must retain.

Here, we’re attributing towards the Cashcode bill validator that is highly commendable and advanced in nature. The features offered by this exclusive machine are simply unparalleled, and constantly being appreciated by the frequent users. If we get into the details of this magnificent product, then there are myriad aspects of this brilliant device that will come into the limelight. Truthfully, there is barely any loop-hole that you can mark in this fully-equipped machine. Thus, just feel secure and bring the Cashcode bill acceptor device home today.

To be precise, the Cashcode bill validator includes multi-color optic sensors coupled with non-contact inductive sensors and dielectric sensors. That is why the validation percentage that it offers is 96% and more. Here, with the Cashcode bill acceptor, the installation in an up or down stacking configuration is possible, which further makes it a preferred choice for the users. Auto-tuning and auto-calibrating sensors are even present in this device that doesn’t require calibration papers. With the utilization of Cashcode bill validator, you can even prevent the bill pull-back, and all the credit for that goes to the anti-stringing design and cross channel sensors.

The likelihood of jamming is also reduced in the Cashcode bill acceptors because the Dual entry sensors and patented non-contact sensors with no-pinch rollers are pre-installed. Moreover, the best thing about this Cashcode bill validator lies in its beltless transport system with patented roller-based design as it improves the performance of the device and lowers the overall maintenance cost. Easy currency updates are also possible with the Cashcode bill validators as it integrates flash memory with a smart stick.

On the purchase of this amazing device, users can cherish one year free warranty that will keep them on the safer side. Also, there are locks and stackers of Cashcode bill acceptors, which are sold separately. In this device, the stackers and cassettes combines and fit together to form a modular unit that is indeed brilliant.

So buyers, what are you waiting for, go and get your very own Cashcode bill validator today to receive an authentic bill validation process in hand.

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